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A hierarchy of data assimilation techniques are evaluated as a function of computational resources and prediction accuracy:

  1. the Optimal Interpolation (OI)
  2. the Parameter Matrix Objective Analysis algorithm (PMOA)
  3. the Reduced Order Adaptive Filter (ROAF)
  4. the Reduced Order Information Filter (ROIF)

Contributions Print

FileYearAuthorsSourceFile size
Download this file (ashwanth_LOM_2009.pdf)An update on the comparison of sequential assimilation schemes2009Srinivasan, Chassignet, Thacker, Smedstad, Counillion, Bertino, Brankart, Brasseur, Chin, CummingsRSMAS-CCS / University of Miami (LOM 2009)2024 Kb
Download this file (BrasseurOSorlandoSEEKHYCOM2.pdf)Improving the Parameterization of Errors Statistics for Data Assimilation2008Brasseur, Broquet, Brankart, Castruccio, Lauvernet, VerronLEGI, (Ocean Sciences 2008)3444 Kb
Download this file (Oceaan_Sciences_2008_Srinivasan.pdf)Demo and Comparison of Sequential Approaches for Altimeter Data Assimilation2008Srinivasan, Chassignet, Smedstad, Thacker, Bertino, Brasseur, Chin, Counillon, CummingsFSU/COAPS, (Ocean Sciences 2008)3259 Kb
Download this file (6_Thacker.pdf)T/S relationships by local regression2007ThackerNOAA/AOML, (10th HYCOM)2213 Kb
Download this file (3_Cummings.pdf)Status and progress of NCODA assimilation in HYCOM2007CummingsNRL, (11th HYCOM)1192 Kb
Download this file (5_Lozano.pdf)HYCOM data assimilation at NCEP2007LozanoMMAB/NCEP, (11th HYCOM)2194 Kb
Download this file (4_Ashwanth.pdf)Gulf of Mexico data assimilation inter-comparison project2007SrinivasanFSU, (11th HYCOM)3608 Kb
Download this file (4_Barth.pdf)Ensemble-based assimilation of HF-Radar surface currents in a West Florida Shelf2007BarthUniversity of South Florida, (11th HYCOM)2066 Kb
Download this file (Smedstad.pdf)The Navy Coupled Ocean Data Assimilation (NCODA) in HYCOM2006SmedstadPlanning Systems, (10th HYCOM)3866 Kb
Download this file (Counillon.pdf)Multivariate properties of the Ensemble Optimal Interpolation in the GoM2006CounillonNERSC, (10th HYCOM)2210 Kb
Download this file (Lozano-2.pdf)On a 3D variational assimilation scheme in hybrid coordinates2006LozanoNCEP/NOAA, (10th HYCOM)979 Kb
Download this file (Lozano-1.pdf)Gulf of Mexico data assimilation comparison exercise2006LozanoNCEP/NOAA, (10th HYCOM)437 Kb
Download this file (Chassignet-2.pdf)Gulf of Mexico data assimilation comparison exercise2006ChassignetFSU/COAPS, (10th HYCOM)4756 Kb
Download this file (Thacker.pdf)Constrained Data Assimilation2006ThackerNOAA/AOML, (10th HYCOM)91 Kb
Download this file (H.Kang.pdf)The NCODA implementation with re-layerization2005KangNOAA/AOML, (9th HYCOM)1795 Kb
Download this file (J.Cummings(2).pdf)Status of NRL coupled ocean data assimilation (NCODA) system2005CummingsNRL, (9th HYCOM)470 Kb
Download this file (A.Srinivasan_ROIF.pdf)Multi-processor implementation of ROIF assimilation scheme for HYCOM2005SrinivasanUM/RSMAS, (9th HYCOM)2200 Kb
Download this file (O.M.Smedsatd.pdf)Implementation of the NRL coupled ocean data assimiltion (NCODA) system in HYCOM2005SmedstadPlanning Systems, (9th HYCOM)1807 Kb
Download this file (Z.Garraffo(2).pdf)Diagnostics for variability in HYCOM runs with data assimilation2005GarraffoUM/RSMAS, (9th HYCOM)1574 Kb
Download this file (L.Parent(2).pdf)A hindcast experiment with the 1/12 North Atlantic HYCOM model2005ParentNRL, (9th HYCOM)2454 Kb
Download this file (O.M.Smedstad.pdf)Implementation of the MVOI assimilation scheme in HYCOM2004SmedstadPlanning Systems, (8th HYCOM)1560 Kb
Download this file (H.Ngodock.pdf)Implementation of the EnKF at NRL-Stennis2004Ngodock, SmedstadDMS/USM, PSI, (8th HYCOM)68 Kb
Download this file (C.Thacker.pdf)Handling salinity when assimilating XBT data2004ThackerNOAA/AOML, (8th HYCOM)1567 Kb
Download this file (J.Cummings.pdf)Description of recent updates to the NRL Coupled Ocean Data Assimilation System2004CummingsNRL, Monterey, (8th HYCOM)356 Kb
Download this file (HYCOM-Smedstad.pdf)The 1/12° N. Atlantic Ocean Prediction System2003Smedstad, LundeNRL, (7th HYCOM)2440 Kb
Download this file (HYCOM-Cummings.pdf)Review of the NRL Multivariate Ocean Data Assimilation System2003Cummings, HodurNRL, (7th HYCOM)881 Kb
Download this file (Ashwanth-ROIF.pdf)Reduced Order Information Filter update2003Chin, SrinivasanUM/RSMAS, (7th HYCOM)97 Kb
Download this file (HYCOM-Brasseur.pdf)Implementation of the SEEK filter in HYCOM2003BrasseurCNRS, Grenoble, (7th HYCOM)6395 Kb
Download this file (HYCOM-Remy.pdf)HYCOM Ocean Prediction in France2003BarailleSHOM, (7th HYCOM)1282 Kb



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