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  • Real-time experiment
  • Global 1/12° grid
  • Based on an eddy resolving 1/12° global HYCOM

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FileYearAuthorsSourceFile size
Download this file (Metzger_etal_2014_Oceanography.pdf)US Navy operational global ocean and Arctic ice prediction systems2014Metzger et al.Oceanography10448 Kb
Download this file (087_LOM_Clemente_2Jun2009.pdf)On the Development of a Numerical Ocean Prediction2009Tanajura, da Silva, Einsiedler, Ruggiero, Belyaev, de Oliveira, Campos, Paiva, Gabioux, de SantanaFederal University of Bahia (LOM 2009)2226 Kb
Download this file (079_LOM_Miami_2009_oms.pdf)Evaluation of the 1/12° global HYCOM/NCODA nowcast/forecast system2009Smedstad, Cummings, Metzger, Hurlburt, Wallcraft, Franklin, Shriver, ThoppilQinetiQ North America (LOM 2009)3234 Kb
Download this file (079_OS2008_Chassignet.pdf)U.S. GODAE: Global Ocean Prediction with HYCOM2008ChassignetCOAPS/FSU (Ocean Sciences 2008)1608 Kb
Download this file (079_OS2008_Orlando_oms.pdf)The 1/12° global HYCOM real-time nowcast/forecast system2008Smedstad, Cummings, Metzger, Hogan, Hurlburt, Shriver, Wallcraft, ChassignetQinetiQ North America-Technology Solutions Group Planning Systems Inc., (Ocean Sciences 2008)1792 Kb
Download this file (079_OS2008_metzger.pdf)Evaluation, Validation & Transition of the 1/12° Global HYCOM/NCODA/PIPS Sys2008Metzger, Hurlburt, Wallcraft, Smedstad, Kara, Shriver, Smedstad, Posey, Thoppil, FranklinNRL (Ocean Sciences 2008)1785 Kb
Download this file (6_Smedstad.pdf)Real-time HYCOM nowcast/forecast systems2007SmedstadPlanning Systems, (11th HYCOM)2729 Kb
Download this file (4_Lozano.pdf)Ocean prediction using HYCOM at NCEP2007LozanoMMAB/NCEP, (11th HYCOM)165 Kb
Download this file (3_Bub.pdf)How will we implement global HYCOM as an operational model at NAVOCEANO?2007BubNaval Oceanographic Office, (11th HYCOM)818 Kb
Download this file (1_Cummings.pdf)Global ocean metrics for GODAE2007CummingsNRL, (11th HYCOM)1875 Kb
Download this file (5_Daniels.pdf)Evaluation of the NOAA real time Atlantic Ocean forecast system2007DanielsNOAA/OPC, (11th HYCOM)11692 Kb
Download this file (Cummings.pdf)Verification of NCODA assimilation in the HYCOM 1/25° Gulf of Mexico domain2006CummingsNRL, (10th HYCOM)1033 Kb
Download this file (Rao.pdf)Role of HYCOM in NCEP's modeling plans2006RaoNCEP, (10th HYCOM)183 Kb
Download this file (Hurlburt.pdf)HYCOM and GODAE in relation to Navy ocean prediction2006HurlburtNRL, (10th HYCOM)1610 Kb
Download this file (Daniels.pdf)Evaluation of real time ocean forecast system Atlantic2006DanielsNOAA/OPC, (10th HYCOM)2619 Kb
Download this file (Halliwell.pdf)Eval of the NCODA assimilation as initial/boundary conditions for Hurricane Ivan2006HalliwellRSMAS, (10th HYCOM)1896 Kb



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