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The emphasis is on coupled simulations (fully coupled, ocean-atmosphere, ocean-ice, etc.).

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Download this file (Winterboittom_LOM.Miami.2009.pdf)Impacts of an Evolving Ocean Boundary Condition on TC Structure and Intensity2009Winterbottom, ChassignetCOAPS / FSU (LOM 2009)3473 Kb
Download this file (Dimitri_lom.pdf)Validation Analysis of the 0.72 degree HYCOM/CICE 4.0 2003-2006 run2009Dukhovskoy, Posey, Metzger, Wallcraft, ChassignetCOAPS / FSU (LOM 2009)20677 Kb
Download this file (CCSM-HYCOM.pdf)Overview of HYCOM/CCSM2009Yin, ChassignetCOAPS / FSU (LOM 2009)6250 Kb
Download this file (CHIME_ClimateExp.pdf)Response of the CHIME coupled climate model to two climate forcing scenarios2009Blaker, Megann, New, SinhaNOCS (LOM 2009)4484 Kb
Download this file (CHIME_talk_June_09_final.pdf)Comparing the CHIME coupled model with HadCM32009Megann, Blaker, New, SinhaNOCS (LOM 2009)1813 Kb



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