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The emphasis is on a specific physical process or the numerical performance of HYCOM.

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Download this file (renaudie_resolution.pdf)Adaptation of the vertical resolution in the mixed layer for HYCOM2009Renaudie, Baraille, Morel, Hello, GiordaniMétéo France / SHOM (LOM 2009)1624 Kb
Download this file (renaudie_kpp.pdf)Validation of KPP in a coastal area2009Renaudie, Baraille, Morel, Hello, GiordaniMétéo France / SHOM (LOM 2009)1376 Kb
Download this file (Abyssal_Hills_Talk_LOM2009.pdf)The Effect of Statistical Abyssal Hill Roughness2009Timko, Arbic, GoffCOAPS/FSU (LOM 2009)325 Kb
Download this file (Flav_LOMW_Miami_May_2009.pdf)Internal waves generation, propagation and induced mixing in OGCMs2009Gouillon, ChassignetCOAPS/FSU (LOM 2009)3389 Kb
Download this file (heh_lom09_dynamical_evaluation_of_gs_simulations.pdf)Dynamical evaluation of Gulf Stream simulations2009Hurlburt, Chassignet, Metzger, Richman, Schmitz, Shriver, Wallcraft, XuNRL/Stennis (LOM 2009)6432 Kb
Download this file (heh_lom09_dynamics_of_gs_separation.pdf)Dynamics of Gulf Stream separation from the coast and its pathway to the east2009Hurlburt, HoganNRL/Stennis (LOM 2009)8833 Kb
Download this file (tiw_ocnsci_2008.pdf)Tropical instability waves in HYCOM2008ShinodaNRL Stennis Space Center, (Ocean Sciences 2008)2091 Kb
Download this file (OS_MAR_2008_Luis.pdf)Oceanographic Processes Generated by Hurricanes Ivan, Katrina, and Rita2008Zamudio, HoganCOAPS/FSU, (Ocean Sciences 2008)5239 Kb
Download this file (heh-oceansciences-mar08.pdf)Abyssal Current Steering of Upper Ocean Current Pathways2008Hurlburt, Metzger, Hogan, Tilburg, ShriverNRL, (Ocean Sciences 2008)7277 Kb
Download this file (3_Schiller.pdf)River plume experiments with HYCOM in an idealized basin2007SchillerRSMAS, (11th HYCOM)2022 Kb
Download this file (6_Hyun.pdf)Resolution sensitivity of isolated eddy evolution with/without steep topography2007HyunUSM/NRL, (11th HYCOM)6870 Kb
Download this file (J.Willemsen.pdf)Vertical circulation along the Florida Keys2004WillemsenUM/RSMAS, (8th HYCOM)475 Kb
Download this file (V.Garnier.pdf)Testing of the pressure gradient error in a terrain-following HYCOM2004GarnierUM/RSMAS, (8th HYCOM)267 Kb
Download this file (X.Xu.pdf)Overflow representation in HYCOM using K-profile and Turner parameterization2004XuUM/RSMAS, (8th HYCOM)5097 Kb
Download this file (A.Mehra.pdf)Geostrophic adjustment process experiments with HYCOM2004MehraNOAA/NCEP, (8th HYCOM)772 Kb
Download this file (HYCOM-Willemsen.pdf)Incorporating vertical swimming to model larval behavior within HYCOM2003WillemsenUM/RSMAS, (7th HYCOM)94 Kb