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ftp.hycom.org - FTP/FTPS Access

Direct access to individual data files is also available using any web browser or FTP/FTPS client. Anonymous access only is provided.

username = anonymous
password = YOUR_EMAIL

WARNING: The Maximum number of simultaneous connections per IP address is 8. Abuse of this service will result in the auto block of your IP address!

We now support FTPS (TLS/SSL explicit mode, also known as FTPES, FTP-SSL) for access to HYCOM.org data. If your client does not support FTPS, simply change ftps:// to ftp:// and all existing access URLs work the same. [read more about FTPS here]

Access Method Address / URL
FTP (about) ftp://ftp.hycom.org/
FTPS (about) ftps://ftp.hycom.org/

NOTE: We also mirror the ftp.hycom.org data server offerings via HTTP/HTTPS here, data.hycom.org.



This is a demonstration product from the HYCOM Consortium and is provided as is. HYCOM Consortium does not warrant or suggest that this data is fit for any particular purpose. Further, neither COAPS nor HYCOM consortium guarantees availability, service updates, or timely data delivery.

All hycom data provided is UNCLASSIFIED. DoD DISTRIBUTION A. Approved for Public Release; Distribution Unlimited.