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Basin Scale Simulations

The emphasis is on basin-scale simulations to evaluate the model's response on seasonal to decadal time scales (eddy activity, mode water formation, etc.).

Overview Print

FileYearAuthorsSourceFile size
Download this file (Atlantic_HYCOM.pdf)Atlantic Overview2003Hogan, Wallcraft, Hurlburt, Townsend, Chassignet 5627 Kb
Download this file (Pacific_HYCOM.pdf)Pacific Overview2003Metzger, Hurlburt, Wallcraft, Zamudio 9384 Kb

Ocean Prediction Systems Print

Operational Ocean Analysis and Modeling
Atlantic (25°S to 70°N) HYCOM Nowcast/Forecast, run daily
Curvilinear grid, favoring the Western Atlantic:
~5 km at US coastline, 9-17 km at Eastern Atlantic coastline
Atlantic (NRL Stennis) [ RETIRED ]
Near Real-Time Ocean Analysis and Modeling
Atlantic (28°S to 70°N) HYCOM Nowcast/Forecast, run weekly
Rectilinear 1/12° Mercator grid:
9 km at equator, 6.5 km at 45°N, 4.5 km at 60°N

Contributions Print

FileYearAuthorsSourceFile size
Download this file (Toshi_stratus_eddy_hycom.pdf)Upper ocean heat budget in the southeast Pacific stratus cloud region2009Shinoda, Zheng, Kiladis, Lin, Metzger, Hurlburt, GieseNRL (LOM 2009)3079 Kb
Download this file (LOM_Clemente_2Jun2009.pdf)On the Development of a Numerical Ocean Prediction2009Tanajura, da Silva, Einsiedler, Ruggiero, Belyaev, de Oliveira, Campos, Paiva, Gabioux, de SantanaFederal University of Bahia (LOM 2009)2226 Kb
Download this file (Counillon_LOM_2009.pdf)TOPAZ4: development and plan2009Counillon, Bertino NERSC / Mohn-Sverdrup Center (LOM 2009)2528 Kb
Download this file (ZGarraffo_LOM09.pdf)South Atlantic circulation from global 1/12 HYCOM simulations2009Garraffo, Garzoli, Dong, Baringer, SrinivasanUniversity of Miami (LOM 2009)1923 Kb
Download this file (AlexandraBozec.pdf)Impact of interannual atmospheric forcing2009Bozec, Chassignet, LozierCOAPS/FSU (LOM 2009)2642 Kb
Download this file (LOM_Miami09_xu.pdf)Comparison of simulated NADW to observations2009Xu, Schmitz, Hurlburt, ChassignetUSM (LOM 2009)3102 Kb
Download this file (8_Shinoda.pdf)Upper ocean processes under stratus clouds decks in the southeast Pacific2007ShinodaNOAA-CIRES, (11th HYCOM)964 Kb
Download this file (10_Bozec.pdf)Possible influence of NAO on the Mediterranean Outflow2007BozecFSU, (11th HYCOM)7118 Kb
Download this file (9_Garraffo.pdf)Multi-decadal simulation of Atlantic Ocean climate variability2007GarraffoRSMAS, (11th HYCOM)1537 Kb
Download this file (7_Cornnillon.pdf)HYCOM versus MODIS SST frontal probability distributions in the North Atlantic2007CornillonOPeNDAP, (11th HYCOM) 589 Kb
Download this file (Narayanan.pdf)Sensitivity to vertical resolution in hybrid ocean models2006NarayananNOAA/NWS/NCEP/EMC, (10th HYCOM)940 Kb
Download this file (Zamudio.pdf)On the monthly and interannual variability of the eastern Pacific warm pool2006ZamudioCOAPS/NRL, (10th HYCOM)3388 Kb
Download this file (Garraffo.pdf)1/3° interannual north Atlantic simulations2006GarraffoRSMAS, (10th HYCOM)3003 Kb
Download this file (J.Metzger_Sea-ice.pdf)Sea ice modeling at NRL2005MetzgerNRL, (9th HYCOM)1127 Kb
Download this file (J.Wilkin_poster.pdf)Northeast North America shelf heat and freshwater transport2005WilkinRutgers University, (9th HYCOM)353 Kb
Download this file (P.May_poster.pdf)HYCOM lateral boundary conditions for coastal southern California NCOM2005MayNRL, (9th HYCOM)251 Kb
Download this file (C.Lozano(2).pdf)Atlantic Ocean Forecast System Forcing2005LozanoMMAB/NCEP, (9th HYCOM)5536 Kb
Download this file (T.Townsend(2).pdf)1/12° Atlantic HYCOM Development2005TownsendNRL, (9th HYCOM)1163 Kb
Download this file (L.Bertino.pdf)The TOPAZ forecasting system2004BertinoNERSC, (8th HYCOM)3100 Kb
Download this file (L.Parent.pdf)Progress on the implementation of SEEK filter in 1/12° North Atlantic HYCOM2004ParentNRL, (8th HYCOM)3475 Kb
Download this file (J.Metzger.pdf)Pacific HYCOM2004MetzgerNRL/Stennis, (8th HYCOM)2713 Kb
Download this file (C.Lozano.pdf)NCEP Atlantic Ocean forecast system2004LozanoMMAB/NCEP, (8th HYCOM)330 Kb
Download this file (Z.Garraffo.pdf)Comparisons to North Atlantic observed sections2004GarraffoUM/RSMAS, (8th HYCOM)5235 Kb
Download this file (S.Anderson.pdf)Comparing N. Atlantic HYCOM output with in-situ observations2004AndersonHorizon Marine, (8th HYCOM)765 Kb
Download this file (T.Townsend.pdf)1/12° North Atlantic HYCOM development2004TownsendNRL/Stennis, (8th HYCOM)1603 Kb
Download this file (GeneralTOPAZ.ppt)TOPAZ: monitoring and forecasting system2004Bertino, Lisaete, CounillonNERSC15404 Kb
Download this file (HYCOM_DA.ppt)Status and perspectives of the TOPAZ system2004BertinoNERSC1331 Kb
Download this file (HYCOM-Metzger.pdf)Pacific HYCOM2003MetzgerNRL, (7th HYCOM)7398 Kb
Download this file (1-12thdeg_Pacific_HYCOM.pdf)1/12° Pacific HYCOM Results2003Metzger, Hurlbert, Wallcraft, ZamudioNaval Research Laboratory, (LOM 2003)9294 Kb
Download this file (floats_carib_all.ppt)Synthetic Float Analysis in HYCOM2003HalliwellUM/RSMAS43 Kb
Download this file (Poster_woce_copy.pdf)North Atlantic Simulations with the HYbrid Coordinate Ocean Model (HYCOM)2002Chassignet, Smith, Halliwell, BleckUM/RSMAS, LANL, (WOCE)2512 Kb
Download this file (Metzger.pdf)Pacific Basin HYCOM Modeling2002Metzger, Hurlburt, Wallcraft, ZamudioNRL, (6th HYCOM)4267 Kb
Download this file (2002-HPC-UGM-PJH(2).pdf)Basin-scale prediction with the Hybrid Coordinate Ocean Model2002Chassignet, Hoban, Hurlburt, Metzger, WallcraftUM/RSMAS, (2002 HPC UGM)3031 Kb



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