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Assimilation of temperature and salinity profiles in HYCOM to reconstruct the ocean state of the past decades.

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FileYearAuthorsSourceFile size
Download this file (H.Hurlburt.pdf)Update on U.S. Navy ocean analysis and prediction: Existing and future plans2004HurlburtNRL/Stennis, (8th HYCOM)228 Kb
Download this file (J.Sienkiewicz.pdf)NOAA ocean prediction center: HYCOM evaluation2004Sienkiewicz, MorganOPC, I.M. Systems Group, (8th HYCOM)2562 Kb
Download this file (Lee.pdf)Constraining HYCOM: Twenty years of Atlantic XBT data2002Thacker, Lee, HalliwellNOAA/AOML, (6th HYCOM)830 Kb



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