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The following code can be used to convert input forcing .D files into netCDF files that are viewable with ncview or other software.


Source Code:

This tar files contains some scripts and log files for an example of monthly fields. Note that the 3-hourly NOGAPS fields are instantaneous so T_BOUNDS = 0.0,0.0.
Extract this tar file into the HYCOM directory that contains the code (hycom/ALL/force/src). It includes a makefile (Make_ncdf.com) and all the other forcing software needed.

Example Compilation

  1. Download & extract the HYCOM source code.
  2. Download & extract the forcing source code to hycom/ALL/force/src
  3. Set your machine architecture (ARCH).
    vi hycom/ALL/Make_all.src
  4. Set your netcdf path (NCDF).
    vi hycom/ALL/Make_ncdf.src
  5. Build the nrl2nc binaries.
    cd hycom/ALL/force/src ; ./Make_ncdf.com



This is a demonstration product from the HYCOM Consortium and is provided as is. HYCOM Consortium does not warrant or suggest that this data is fit for any particular purpose. Further, neither COAPS nor HYCOM consortium guarantees availability, service updates, or timely data delivery.

All hycom data provided is UNCLASSIFIED. DoD DISTRIBUTION A. Approved for Public Release; Distribution Unlimited.