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Did you know there are missing days in the GOFS 3.0 Global Reanalysis? Print

Yes. We are aware that some days in the Global Reanalysis (GLBu0.08/expt_19.x) are missing data. We will not be filling in these data gaps. There are times when the daily Global Ocean Forecast System does not run due to computer issues, problematic input data sources, or other unforeseen problems. The following times are known to be missing from the Global Reanalysis.

1992 (expt_19.0)
1992100200_t015 ~ 1992123100_t015 [not available]
1992100200_t018 ~ 1992123100_t018 [not available]
1992100200_t021 ~ 1992123100_t021 [not available]
1993 (expt_19.0)
1993010100_t015 ~ 1993113000_t015 [not available]
1993010100_t018 ~ 1993113000_t018 [not available]
1993010100_t021 ~ 1993113000_t021 [not available]
1993120300_(t015, t018, t021) [not available]
1993120800_(t015, t018, t021) [not available]
1994 (expt_19.0)
1994020800_t003 [not available]
1994021100_t003 [not available]
1994021400_t012 [not available]
1994081700_t021 [not available]
1994091700_t021 [not available]
1994101700_t006 [not available]
1994110500_t018 [not available]
1994111900_t018 [not available]
1994120800_t021 [not available]
1994120900_(t000, t003, t006, t009, t012, t018, t021) [not available]
1995 (expt_19.0)
1995052100_t021 [not available]
1995061300_t018 [not available]
1995071400_t018 [not available]
1995071400_t021 [not available]
1996 (expt_19.1)
1996020800_t000 [not available]
1996041500_t021 [not available]
1996062500_(t006, t009, t012, t018, t021) [not available]
1996081000_t021 [not available]
1996090900_t000 ~ 1996091800_t000 [not available]
1996092100_t000 ~ 1996093000_t000 [not available]
1996090800_t003 ~ 1996091800_t003 [not available]
1996092100_t003 ~ 1996093000_t003 [not available]
1996090800_t006 ~ 1996091800_t006 [not available]
1996092000_t006 ~ 1996093000_t006 [not available]
1996090700_(t018, t021) [not available]
{1996090800..1996093000}_(t009, t012, t015, t018, t021) [not available]
1996100100_t000 ~ 1996100400_t000 [not available]
1996100600_t000 ~ 1996101300_t000 [not available]
1996100100 ~ 1996101300 (t009, t012, t015, t018, t021) [not available]
1996123100_t000 [not available]
1997 (expt_19.1)
1997012800_t018 [not available]
1997092600_t021 [not available]
1998 (expt_19.1)
1998041800_t018 [not available]
1998051200_t015 [not available]
1998081300_t018 [not available]
1999 (expt_19.1)
1999100800_t021 [not available]
1999100900_t021 [not available]
2000 (expt_19.1)
2000050300_(t009, t012, t015, t018, t021) [not available]
2000051000_(t015, t018, t021) [not available]
2000051600_(t015, t018, t021) [not available]
2000051900_(t000, t003, t006, t009, t012, t015, t018, t021) [not available]
2000052000_(t000, t003, t006, t009, t012, t015, t018, t021) [not available]
2000052100_(t000, t003, t006, t009, t012, t015, t018, t021) [not available]
2000052200_(t012, t015, t018, t021) [not available]
2000081200_t006 [not available]
2000102500_t012 [not available]
2000102800_t012 [not available]
2000120300_(t006, t009) [not available]
2001 (expt_19.1)
2001062600_t018 [not available]
2001092200_(t000, t003) [not available]
2002 (expt_19.1)
2002020800_(t015, t018, t021) [not available]
2002021800_(t012, t015, t018, t021) [not available]
2002080800_(t015, t018, t021) [not available]
2002080900_(t015, t018, t021) [not available]
2002081000_(t018, t021) [not available]
2002081100_(t018, t021) [not available]
2002081200_t021 [not available]
2004 (expt_19.1)
2004071500_t018 [not available]
2005 (expt_19.1)
2005022100_t021 [not available]
2005042400_t015 [not available]
2006 (expt_19.1)
2006083000_t018 [not available]
2007 (expt_19.1)
2007013100_t021 [not available]
2007041100_t021 [not available]
2008 (expt_19.1)
2008012900_t003 [not available]
2008020900_t018 [not available]
2008031900_t021 [not available]
2008122000_t009 [not available]
2009 (expt_19.1)
2009100800_t021 [not available]
2011 (expt_19.1)
2011061100_t012 [not available]
2012 (expt_19.1)
2012070100_(t003, t006, t009, t012, t015, t018, t021) [not available]
2012072900_t021 [not available]



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