2015 Layered Ocean Model Users' Workshop Print

The seventeenth workshop for users of layered ocean models will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark at the Danish Meteorological Institute from through . A 1/2-day HYCOM-specific meeting will be held .

The website link is https://coaps.fsu.edu/LOM

The LOM Workshop Organizers:

  • Till Rasmussen, Danish Meteorological Institute (Host)
  • Brian Arbic, University of Michigan
  • Rainer Bleck, NASA / GISS
  • Eric Chassignet, Florida State University
  • Robert Hallberg, NOAA / GFDL Princeton University
  • Patrick Hogan, Naval Research Laboratory
  • Mohamed Iskandarani, RSMAS / University of Miami
  • James Richman , Naval Research Laboratory
  • Laurent Bertino, Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center