Forcing to netCDF Converter Print

The following code can be used to convert input forcing .D files into netCDF files that are viewable with ncview or other software.


Source Code:

This tar files contains some scripts and log files for an example of monthly fields. Note that the 3-hourly NOGAPS fields are instantaneous so T_BOUNDS = 0.0,0.0.
Extract this tar file into the HYCOM directory that contains the code (hycom/ALL/force/src). It includes a makefile ( and all the other forcing software needed.

Example Compilation

  1. Download & extract the HYCOM source code.
  2. Download & extract the forcing source code to hycom/ALL/force/src
  3. Set your machine architecture (ARCH).
    vi hycom/ALL/Make_all.src
  4. Set your netcdf path (NCDF).
    vi hycom/ALL/Make_ncdf.src
  5. Build the nrl2nc binaries.
    cd hycom/ALL/force/src ; ./