HYCOM + NCODA Global 1/12° Reanalysis Print


Date Range GLBu0.08 ⇣
✓ Available (expt_19.1)
✓ Available (expt_19.0)
Native hycom .[ab] data converted to NetCDF interpolated to a uniform 0.08 degree lat/lon grid between 80.48S and 80.48N and interpolated to 40 standard z-levels. The following (5) variables/fields (CF Standard Names) are provided:
  • sea_surface_elevation (aka: surf_el, SSH, sea surface height)
  • water_temp (aka: in-situ temperature, Water Temperature)
  • sea_water_salinity (aka: salinity)
  • eastward_sea_water_velocity (aka: water_u)
  • northward_sea_water_velocity (aka: water_v)