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ftp.hycom.org - FTP/FTPS Access

Direct access to individual data files is also available using any web browser or FTP/FTPS client. Anonymous access only is provided.

username = anonymous
password = YOUR_EMAIL

WARNING: Maximum number of simultaneous connections per IP address is 8.
Abuse of this service will result in the auto block of your IP address!

We now support FTPS (TLS/SSL explicit mode, also known as FTPES, FTP-SSL) for access to HYCOM.org data. If your client does not support FTPS, simply change ftps:// to ftp:// and all existing access URLs work the same. [read more about FTPS here]

Access Method Address / URL
FTP (about) ftp://ftp.hycom.org/
FTPS (about) ftps://ftp.hycom.org/

NOTE: We also mirror the ftp.hycom.org data server offerings via HTTP/HTTPS here, data.hycom.org.