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HYCOM + NCODA Gulf of Mexico 1/25° Analysis

NOTE: The latest Gulf of Mexico outputs are availble here, GOMu0.04/expt_90.1m000

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Native hycom .[ab] data converted to NetCDF on native Mercator-curvilinear HYCOM horizontal grid and interpolated to 40 z-levels. The following (12) variables/fields (CF Standard Names) are provided:
  • surface_downward_heat_flux_in_air (aka: qtot)
  • water_flux_into_ocean (aka: emp, surface water flux)
  • surface_temperature_trend (aka: surface temperature trend)
  • surface_salinity_trend (aka: surface salinity trend)
  • sea_surface_elevation (aka: ssh, sea surface height)
  • ocean_mixed_layer_thickness (aka: mld, ILT)
  • ocean_mixed_layer_thickness (aka: mlp, MLT)
  • sea_water_salinity (aka: salinity)
  • sea_water_potential_temperature (aka: temperature, potential temperature)
  • eastward_sea_water_velocity (aka: u, u-velocity)
  • northward_sea_water_velocity (aka: v, v-velocity)
  • upward_sea_water_velocity (aka: w, w_velocity)

HYCOM + CFSR Gulf of Mexico 1/25° 54-year Experiment